Direct Contact Competition

Competition Closed : 15th July 2011

Direct Contact Competition WIN!! Direct Contact DVD

Action superstar DOLPH LUNDGREN (The Expendables) stars as an imprisoned ex US Special Forces soldier trying to earn his freedom by taking on a dangerous mission. The explosive, hard-hitting DIRECT CONTACT will be available to buy on DVD from the 13th June.

Mike Riggins (Lundgren) is offered his freedom and a lot of money if he can rescue an American woman kidnapped by a ruthless warlord in Eastern Europe. But, after the daring operation is over, Riggins realises that she is not actually who he thinks she is and the rescue was a set-up. Now being pursued on all sides, by those who want to bring the mysterious woman under their control, Riggins has to uncover the truth and get them both to safety.

Lundgren doesn’t disappoint as the embittered soldier trying to win his life back amidst the bullets and car chases in this explosive smack-down!

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