Haifa International Film Festival

Haifa Festival was founded in 1983 and was the first film festival in Israel. Nowadays it is an important international cinematic event – the biggest of its kind in Israel –an institution that has gained a significant reputation in the global and local film circles.

The festival program is well known for its high artistic standards, its emphasize on diversity, pluralistic views, coexistence and the importance of peace. Most of the films taking part in the program are award-winning ones and have participated in some of the prominent global film festivals.

Every year the festival attracts more than 300,000 visitors, who participate in over 280 screenings of new films from all over the world, in live music shows and in open-air family-oriented events. For ten days, on five different locations around the Carmel Mountain, from morning to midnight, with live screenings and Virtual Reality spaces – the Haifa Festival is a cinematic feast.


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