Gen Art Film Festival

In the mid-90s, Gen Art began with an idea: curate the best of the new generation of film talent and connect them both with the industry elite through creative and conceptual events and do it in a manner that was also accessible to film enthusiast consumers. It turned out that Gen Art was the connective tissue in social culture that had been missing.

The Gen Art Film Festival and its Screening Series solidified its place as a leading curator of unique creatives in the emerging film world. It also brought its voice, eye and creative programming to other renown film hubs, creating programs that included 7 Fresh Faces in Film at the Sundance Film Festival that help discover talent ranging from Jennifer Lawrence to Kate Mara, and brand driven partnerships like Nokia’s Art in Motion.

Over the years, Gen Art film events and experiences helped shine a spotlight on rising stars such as Zooey Deschanel, Rooney Mara, Adrian Grenier, Jennifer Connelly, Chloe Sevigny, Adrian Brody, Krysten Ritter, Rosario Dawson and Norman Reedus; and filmmakers such as Jason Reitman, Brad Anderson, Dax Shepard, and Fisher Stevens.


United States