Hollywood Shorts Film Festival

HOLLYWOOD SHORTS is seeking animation submissions for its 3rd annual ANIMATION FESTIVAL to be held in Los Angeles on September 16th, 2001. This is an international festival, and submissions are welcome from professional artists and students. This is a non-competitive festival. SUBMISSION DEADLINE IS AUGUST 1ST , 2001. SUBMISSION GUIDELINES 1. Submissions must be no longer than 20 minutes and sent in VHS/NTSC format for review. 2. Animation can be any format and both traditional and computer generated projects are welcome. Shorts will be screened via large screen Beta-SP digital projection, so one BETA-SP tape in NTSC format must be available for the selected animation for the screening. 3. VHS tapes will not be returned and all submissions will also be eligible for future screenings at our monthly short film screenings. 4. Include the following information with each film: One page outline of the short Bios of director/producer/writer(s) Crew/Voice Cast list and pertinent bios, Production stills and marketing materials (if available)


765 N. Ridgewood Place, Suite 4
Los Angeles
CAUnited States


Kimberley Browning
Email: hshorts@pacbell.net