Black Movie Festival

The first Black Movie Festival took place in 1991. During the past five years, emphasis has been placed on Asian, South American and African films.

With its diverse program, the festival reveals the latest work of promising as well as confirmed directors from places as dissimilar to each other as Burkina Faso and Korea.

This year, each of the four sections offers a very rare and unusual point of view on the state of our planet.

Films on different wars and their consequences, recent African documentaries, a selection of the best Blaxploitation movies, a special focus on the Asian continent with the 6th generation of Chinese filmmakers, a look at fantasy movies, and a Miike¹s Dead or Alive special night, complited with a retrospective of Paradjanov¹s exciting work ; the Black Movie Festival chooses films and subjects that go straight to our hearts and question our minds. The films will be projected in many theatres throughout Geneva; the heart of the festival taking place at the Maison des Arts du Grütli.


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