The Tivoli/Bard College International Film Festival

The Tivoli International Film Festival is a non-profit event devoted to screening enlightening, significant, and technically inventive international films whose ideas have been banned or censored for political, cultural, or social reasons. The films shown at the festival will critique and convey themes that are considered subversive in their countries of origin. The festival will illuminate subject matter that may not always reach the mainstream media, but that has an important place on the global stage. The films featured in this 3-day festival will promote the concept of Film as Art and Film as Statement. We will show how the medium is an ever-important vehicle of expression in societies that attempt to veil ideas not in line with the establishment. Recognizing that film is one of the most influential, far reaching, and profitable devices for communicating to a large number of people, we will provide an avenue where important ideas can reach a mainstream audience. Naturally, the nature of the festival draws people from different parts of the world and from many diverse areas of society together in an intellectual setting that promises an exciting exchange of ideas.


New YorkUnited States