Amnesty International Film Festival

Amnesty Internationalís Human Rights Documentary Film Festival is the first of its kind in Hong Kong. In 2011, Amnesty International Hong Kong decided to approach Human Rights Education differently: through film. For the first time in Hong Kong, they created a film festival focused solely on human rights, aiming to encourage people to learn about human rights and reflect on different issues shown in documentaries from all around the world. The idea originated as a film festival screening films about the death penalty to shed light on the topic. However, from 2014, the festival shifted its focus to a wider range of topics, choosing to feature a different theme each year, from sexual and reproductive rights (2014), to education (2015), to art (2016) and digital security (2018). This year, the festival will focus on freedom of expression. The festival features a few films each year, organising screenings followed by discussions where the audience can engage with the filmmakers or activists and talk about the film and the issue that it focuses on. Previous Q&As have included talks with political science scholar Professor Joseph Yu-shek Cheng and Umbrella Movement student activist Yvonne Leung.


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