São Paulo International Short Film Festival

Anyone who has followed the Short Film Festival for some time knows: there is no more versatile and agile format to portray what happens in the world, here and now.

Throughout these 30 uninterrupted years of achievement - which we celebrate effusively in this year of so many worrisome news for Brazilian culture - cinema and video have merged into audiovisual, and sound and video increasingly overflow from the screen to involve the viewer in intense and immersive experiences .

Evolution has also ensured greater representativeness, in front and behind the cameras - which today are of all sizes, and accessible to a much larger number of directors. Many more women sign the direction of the shorts, in Brazil and in the world, and blacks and Indians also increasingly guarantee their indispensable presence in the universe of moving images, as filmmakers, as actors and as actresses, and in all teams of production. There is also no lack of gender representations and, if previously, they deserved specific shows that were already trying to pave the way for those voices that demanded their space, today they are integrated into the program as a whole.

The evolution of technology did not just happen on the screen, and we also benefited a lot from it. When we started, viewing was done by sending VHS tapes through the Post Office, from the most diverse parts of the world. Enrollments came by letter and, shortly after, the fax appeared, which allowed us to communicate more directly. If before we showed almost all the films we received, today we have access - thanks to the internet and streaming video - to around 3,200 international short films registered per year, and around 700 Brazilians.

Technology alone, however, does not guarantee the quality of the programming that we present every year, free of charge, in several rooms throughout the city of São Paulo. For this, it is necessary the work of a team of more than 100 people, including curators, producers, monitors and technicians of the most diverse natures. And everything is made possible thanks to the ties of partnership that unite us with companies and public authorities, a hallmark of the Festival throughout its existence. Allied to all this is the major principle that has always guided our work: freedom. Freedom to come and go, and attend some of the biggest festivals in the world, promoting exchanges and knowing first hand the best films of the format. And especially the freedom of choice, also guided by the freedom to implement projects of all biases and matrices.

The boundaries of art are increasingly blurred. It is art that reveals beauty to us, that translates the other, that brings us closer to the human. We rely on the filmmakers, partners and staff to continue our work and further expand the limits of our screens, ensuring a space for meetings and exchanges that complements and humanizes everything that technology brings us in virtual terms.

May we celebrate the meetings and the art for many years! Zita Carvalhosa Director of the São Paulo International Short Film Festival


Rue Simao Alvares
São Paulo


Zita Carvalhosa
Telephone: 5511 3064 5819
Email: spshort@ibm.net
Website: https://2019.kinoforum.org/