Un homme et une femme (1966) - Details

AKA : Man and a Woman, A

Un homme et une femme

They meet on a Sunday evening at their children's boarding school in the country. She misses her train home as usual. He offers to drive her back to Paris. They decide to see each other again the following Sunday. They both share the grief of having become widowers and the burden of having to raise their children alone. Thus, the poetic story of A Man and A Woman begins. Slowly, they learn to know each other, although they tend to remain somewhat distant. So at first they simply become good friends. However, soon enough, they reach a point where she openely admits that she can't possibly become involved with him, that she isn't ready, that she is still too grieved by her husband's sudden death. The audience learns more and more about the characters of the film through their attitudes, looks, unspoken words, thoughts and hesitations as the story gradually unwinds.

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