Rogue (2007) - Synopsis

While doing his latest piece, a cynical American travel writer named Pete (Michael Vartan) joins a group of tourists on a river cruise in the Australian Outback. His personality immediately clashes with the feisty female tour captain named Kate (Radha Mitchell), who regards him with a fair amount of disdain. As their uneventful cruise winds to a close, Kate is reluctantly persuaded to venture out into unexplored territory. The detour leads to a discovery of a secluded lake, but it also leads to disaster when something strikes the boat from below, causing it to start sinking. Kate is forced to evacuate everyone on a tiny mud island. As darkness approaches, so does the tide, and the group realizes that the dry bit of land provides only a temporary refuge. True panic strikes when everyone discovers that they are actually in the heart of a terrifying, man-eating crocodile’s lair. Pete and Kate find themselves working together and motivating the group to attempt a daring escape.