Ghost and the Darkness, The (1996) - Details

Ghost and the Darkness, The

Irishman Lt. Col. John Patterson (Val Kilmer) is selected to enlarge the British Empire a bit by building a railroad bridge over the Tsavo River in Africa. The project moves along well until two man-eating lions begin dining on Patterson's construction crew. These big cats - called "The Ghost" and "The Darkness" by natives - don't hunt like normal lions, and nothing seems to stop them. Despite Patterson's best efforts, and despite traps, fences, and the services of professional hunter Charles Remington (Michael Douglas), the killings continue. The Ghost and the Darkness, appearing at times to be almost supernatural, eventually kill more than 140 construction workers. Based on a true story. <br>Jim Wright


Action / Drama


UK Cert: 15
USA Cert: R

Running Time