Four Feathers (2002) - Synopsis

Four Feathers (2002) - Synopsis ImageA gripping adventure of epic proportions, "Four Feathers (2002)" is a story of heroic redemption, undying loyalty and rivalry in love. Exquisitely filmed against the austere beauty of the Moroccan desert as well as within the grand walls of English aristocracy, this thrilling tale takes audiences into exotic cultures seldom seen on film and explores the fascinating contrast between disparate civilizations. A sweeping saga that captures a friend's bond and a hero's destiny, "The Four Feathers" is a look at man's
indomitable spirit to survive.

"Four Feathers (2002)" is a Paramount Pictures/Miramax feature film presentation. Directed by Shekhar Kapur, the film is produced by Stanley Jaffe, Robert Jaffe, and Marty Katz and executive produced by Paul Feldsher.
Laurie Borg serves as the co-producer. The film is distributed in the United States and Canada by Paramount Pictures, and throughout the rest of the world by Miramax International.

Directed by Shekhar Kapur who was at the helm of the Academy Award-winning "Elizabeth (1998)," a critically acclaimed film that also garnered him Golden Globe
nomination for Best Director, "Four Feathers (2002)" features a talented cast of stars that includes Heath Ledger ("Monster's Ball (2001)," "Patriot, The (2000)" and "10 Things I Hate About You (1999)") Kate Hudson, whose standout performance in "Almost Famous (2000)" garnered her a Golden Globe Award and an Oscar' nomination and Wes Bentley, whose fascinating performance in the Academy Award'-winning "American Beauty (1999)" earned him a Screen Actors Guild Award.

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