Lucky Break (2001) - Synopsis

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James Nesbitt (Cold Feet) and Olivia Williams (Sixth Sense, the (1999)) play an in-mate and a prison counsellor whose romance blossoms behind prison bars. Featuring a great British cast, Lucky Break is a hilarious and unpredictable romantic comedy from the director of Full Monty, the (1997)

Something strange is going on at HM Prison Long Rudford. The hard men of B wing are going soft. They're putting on costumes and wigs and taking singing and dancing lessons. They've turned Thesp, for an awfully amateur production of the prison governor's musical, Nelson - The Musical.

But all is not what is seems. Behind the theatrical posturing lies an elaborate escape plan. Ringleaders Jimmy and Rudy have come up with what they consider a watertight scheme to coast their way to freedom. But all is not plain sailing when a romance blossoms between Jimmy and his co star Annabel Sweep, the beautiful Prisoner Support officer, and Head of Prison Security Perry smells something fishy. Will it be curtains for Jimmy and his gang, or will they pull off the performance of their lives? And for Jimmy, will the choice be love or liberty?