Behind The Sun (2001) - Synopsis

behind the sun - synopsis heading graphicBEHIND THE SUN (2001) is about the destructive nature of violence as it erodes the heart and spirit of men, and the search for hope and peace when one young man and his brother find the courage to try and break the cycle. Set in the desert landscape of the Brazilian badlands where two neighboring families are locked in an age-old feud over the ownership of land, BEHIND THE SUN (2001) follows the story of the Breves family whose son Tonio (Rodrigo Santoro) is next in line to avenge his family's honor.

When two performers in a traveling circus cross his path, Tonio, encouraged by his young brother Pacu (Ravi Ramos Lacerda), begins to hope for a life beyond the vicious circle that has eroded his family. He is torn between his filial obligations and a world he has never before experienced, one filled with love, passion and new opportunities. With uncharacteristic spontaneity Tonio, for the first time, discovers what it means to really live, and in a twist of fate, learns about the true meaning and depth of brotherly love.

BEHIND THE SUN (2001) reunites director Walter Salles with producer Arthur Cohn and cinematographer Walter Carvalho, the successful team responsible for Central Station.

The film was inspired by the novel "Broken April" by Albanian writer Ismaïl Kadaré and was adapted by Walter Salles, Sérgio Machado and Karim Ainouz for the screen.