Drumline (2002) - Synopsis

Drumline (2002) - Synopsis ImageThe unexposed world of African-American "Show Bands", characterized by funky drum beats and high-stepping dance moves, will be prominently featured in Twentieth Century Fox's forthcoming fish-out-of-water coming-of-age comedy Drumline.

Set in Atlanta, Georgia, the hub of the black college experience, the story focuses on the trials and tribulations of Harlem native Devon Miles, a talented and confident snare drummer, who comes to Atlanta A&T as the key recruit on a full scholarship to save the school's struggling marching band. Upon his arrival, Devon immediately struggles to fit in uncomfortable with his freshman "Crab status." Unversed in the vernacular of the south, and unnerved by snare section leader Sean and Band Director Dr. Lee, the later finds himself and the future of his band program in jeopardy when Sean exposes Devon's inability to read music. Devon has to learn the value of teamwork and discipline to overcome these deficits and make it to the event that will change his life—the Big South Classic.

Set in the rousing, spectacular world of college marching bands, the fish-out-of-water comedy depicts the ordeals of a gifted hip-hop drummer from Harlem who wins a music scholarship to a fictional Southern university and hopes to land a spot as a drummer on its marching band's drumline. Although he initially flounders in his new culture and environment, the tenacious, talented freshman conquers his shortcomings to lead the school's band in the heralded Big South Classic, one of the nation's most popular musical contests spotlighting some of the country's best college bands.

Nickelodeon's Nick Cannon ("the Nick Cannon Show") toplines the cast as Devon Miles, the fledgling freshman drummer determined to shine on the school's drumline. He is joined in the cast by Orlando Jones ("Evolution (2001)," "Double Take (2001)") as the college's stoic marching band director, Dr. Lee. Zoe Saldana ("Crossroads (2002)," "Center Stage (2000)") as Laila, another incoming freshman who strikes up a romantic relationship with the talented percussionist, Leonard Roberts ("He Got Game (1998)") as Sean, the envious senior band member who initially resents and dismisses Devon's talent, and Earl Poitier ("Remember the Titans (2000)") and Gregory Qaiyum, a.k.a. GQ ("On The Line (2001)") as fellow freshman also aspiring to win starting spots on the college marching band.