Halloween: Resurrection (2002) - Synopsis

The nurses at Grace Anderson Sanitarium tell stories of patient Laurie Strode. She's the sister of the murderous legend Michael Myers - and 3 years ago, she thought she had destroyed her sibling for good. She was wrong - dead wrong. After killing an innocent man, she was locked away and hasn't spoken a word since. The staff believes her to be suicidal - they've caught her on the roof before. But Michael Myers has other plans for Laurie…

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Back in the sleepy town of Haddonfield, Illinois, Freddie Harris, an ambitious entrepreneur, is ready to make some money with his new "reality" Internet event called Dangertainment. He's recruited six local college students to take part in his webcast. The "danger" arises when the students find out they have been picked to spend the night in the childhood home of Michael Myers. After an initial interview at the Haddonfield Inn, the students think they're all set for whatever scares come their way - and ready to reap the scholarship benefits Freddie is offering!

Halloween arrives and the group prepares to enter the run-down house. There's Sara, a psychology major who's rather reserved. Her friend Jen Danzig is hoping her Dangertainment debut will lead to fame in broadcasting. There's Rudy Grimes, a student of culinary arts who's pretty handy with a knife. Bill Woodlake is a law student more interested in women than books. Jim Morgan is a music major rebel in leather and Donna Chang is a beautiful but smart skeptic. The cameras are on and the broadcast is live as the group sets out to explore the secrets of the Myers house. Outside in the garage-based control room, Freddie and his assistant Nora are ready for some Halloween fun of their own. But what the group doesn't know is that Michael Myers has come home - and he's ready to clean house!