Ferdin (2002) - Details

AKA : Journey, The


The year is 1991. The Soviet Union has collapsed and Armenia is on the verge of her independence. It has been 10 years since a 13 year old Eve has left her homeland and emigrated in NYC with her parents. As a freelance photographer for a magazine, she struggles to pursue her passion, having to waitress at nights. Amidst the ever continuous vitality of America, the color photograph, Eve yearns for a stillness, a black and white print that will soothe her soul. Tragedy strikes, and Eve learns her childhood friend Arman is killed in Armenia, transforming her dreams to nightmares. Unexpectedly, she gets called on assignment to photograph the events in the Caucasus, and finds herself on a journey that changes her life. Facing her past, culturally and emotionally, Eve finds herself caught up in the independent movement of Armenia, and the crisis of commitment with the man whom she falls in love. Ultimately Eve struggles with destiny in light of her new found love, rediscovery of homeland, and her sense of life's purpose.


Drama / Family / Romance