Jungle Book 2, The (2003) - Synopsis

Jungle Book 2, The (2003) - synopsis heading graphicDisney's "The Jungle Book 2" adds an all-new chapter to one of the best loved animated classics of all time. Mowgli now lives in the man village, but he misses his pal Baloo, who likewise pines for his little man-cub. Baloo isn't the only one hoping to see Mowgli again soon -- Shere Khan the tiger impatiently awaits his revenge. When Mowgli sneaks away to the jungle, the chase is on to see who will find Mowgli first -- his old pals, his new family, or the man-eating tiger. It's an adventure packed with thrills, songs and fun for the whole family. The film gets a musical boost from both a reprise of "Bare Necessities" and rock music sensation Smash Mouth's rousing rendition of "I Wan'na Be Like You" as well as new tunes like the show-stopping "W-I-L-D" and the hip beat of "Jungle Rhythm. " -- Disney