Last Word, The (2003) - Details

Izzy Wright is a young prosecutor whose life has just become complicated. Attending the funeral of her therapist as the film begins, Izzy is surprised to find herself sitting next to Luke Callaghan. Izzy and Luke have not seen each other in the two years since they broke up over Luke's drinking problem. Now sober, Luke is working at a dead end job at the copy shop but enjoying real success with his roommate Ben in their singular acoustic band, The Flops. Since his breakup with Izzy, and only by chance, Luke had also been seeing the now-deceased therapist Marian Zizek. Izzy and Luke quickly discover that they have very dif-ferent memories of this mysterious figure. Was Marian a genius, a sham, or both? Izzy and Luke spend more and more time trying to solve this riddle and, even as they fall into their old habit of trading rapid-fire insults, they are falling back in love. Meanwhile, Izzy is making another leap of faith. When her highly esteemed former law professor Nadir Rumi is arrested for downloading child pornography from the Internet, the DA offers Izzy the task of prosecuting him. Frustrated and highly suspicious of the DA's motives, Izzy quits her job as prosecutor and devotes herself to Rumi's defense. The Last Word is a witty, entertaining concoction that ably blends romantic comedy with courtroom drama and rock and roll music. It's a sweet, smart film with likeable characters who actually care about each other.


Comedy / Romance