Wisegirls (2002) - Synopsis

Wisegirls (2002)After the tragic death of her fiancÚ, Meg (Mira Sorvino) moves to Staten Island to be with her ailing grandmother. Formerly a medical student, she now works as a waitress at a nearby Italian restaurant that has a questionable clientele. Her colorful co-workers tough talking, savvy Island native Raychel (Mariah Carey) and wannabee actress Kate (Melora Walters), quickly become her comrades-in-arms.

It doesn't take long for Meg to discover that the "family" in family retaurant isn't exactly what she had in mind. Even as Meg struggles to stay free of her boss's and patron's illegal tentacles, she unwittingly causes a murder and finds herself entangled in the inner world of drugs and violence. The three women soon find that survival is going to depend on more than service with a smile!

Lions Gate Films