Yossi & Jagger (2002) - Synopsis

Based on a true story, Yossi & Jagger portrays the love affair of two Israeli officers in an IDF position on the Israeli-Lebanese border. They are commanders, they are in love, and they try to find a place of their own in an oppressing and rigid system, which sends them to defend a cause they do not necessarily believe in.
Yossi, the company commander, is an introvert guy and largely a man-of-the-system. Jagger, the platoon commander, is an open and much more liberated guy. He is the star of the company. Yossi is determined to keep their love in secret. Whereas, Jagger, who is about to finish the service, believes that Yossi should leave the army with him. Shortly before departing for a dangerous ambush, the tension between the lovers gets high almost explosive.
Yossi & Jagger portrays in a courageous, genuine, amusing and sometines painful fashion the complicated and sensative topic of "gays in the military". It also portrays the tragic structure of life of young Israelis today. The film presents an enchanting ensemble of young men and women that were supposed, in this time of their lives, to dance, study and love. Instead, due to the mandatory army service and the complicated situation in the region, they have to devote their most beautiful years to their country, to be soldiers, to kill and get killed.
In Yossi & Jagger you can find a chef who finds comfort in cooking a gourmet cuisine, a soldier who believes in reincarnation, and two young women who try to survive in a men's world. By showing the apparently small details of the commanders' and soldiers' lives, the film creators emphasize the distorted situation in which these men and women are forced to live and die.