New Suit (2002) - Synopsis

New Suit is a wickedly funny comedy about Hollywood and the sycophants and schemers that fuel its increasingly vacuous ideas. Kevin Taylor is a young screenwriter with a dream, but his unfortunate reality is fetching coffee (and hookers) for a washed-up producer and listening to his blowhard colleagues mouth off about scripts they've never read. One day he jokingly mentions a "hot" script that doesn't exist, by a screenwriter that he invented on the spot; his colleagues, unwilling to admit their ignorance, pretend they all know about it. Soon half of Hollywood wants the script, while the other half pretends they've already read it, loved it, optioned and financed it, including Marianne Roxbury, a beautiful and ambitious young agent willing to do almost anything to make a deal. Deftly satirizing Hollywood's knack for embracing only the most hollow ideas, New Suit exposes the naked truth: it's not the package but the packaging that counts.

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