Um Filme Falado (2003) - Details

AKA : A Talking Picture
AKA : Un Film parlato
AKA : Un film parlé

Um Filme Falado

Rosa Maria, a young History professor, sets out with her daughter Maria Joana on a cruise that will travel through the Mediterranean to Bombay , India, where they will meet her husband. This pleasure cruise also serves for Rosa Maria, to get to know for the first time and show her daughter, places about which she talks in her classes but which she never visited. So, this trip through Ceuta, Marseille, the ruins of Pompei, Athens, the pyramids of Egypt, Istanbul, is also a journey through thousands of years of history, through the Mediterranean civilization that marked and still marks the West cultures. On the cruise, she will also meet three impressive women, well-known figures of different nationalities: a renowned French businesswoman, an Italian former model, and a Greek teacher and actress; and especially the captain, an American of Polish origin. But a strange threat disturbs the cruise and menaces the ship and the life of its passengers.


Comedy / Drama

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