Inside I'm Dancing (2004) - Synopsis

From the highly-acclaimed director of EAST IS EAST and the producers of box office smash hit BILLY ELLIOT comes a unique story of two unlikely friends who choose to take life head-on in the face of difficult circumstances.

Michael Connolly's Steven Robertson life is passing him by until one day he meets the irrepressible Rory O'Shea James McAvoy, who has a plan that will change their lives forever. Outsmarting the system, the unlikely pair manage to leave Carrigmore Home for the Disabled and land their very own flat. They employ the headstrong but inexperienced Siobhan Romola Garai to take care of their every need. Her arrival brings unexpected revelations; Michael experiences emotions he has never felt before and the straight-talking Rory realises he has finally met his match. With their newfound friendship and independence, life is theirs for the taking.