Date: 23rd August 2000

Guy Ritchie Set to Marry Madonna

The birth of director Guy Ritchie's son ROCCO has convinced him that he wants to marry girlfriend MADONNA by the end of the year (00).

The British movie maker is presently in London for the premiere of his latest movie, crime caper SNATCH.

And while the new dad has been hanging out with the film's stars BRAD PITT and VINNIE JONES, Ritchie has also made time to see his friend of ten years - movie producer ERIN BERG.

Berg says, "I have been with Guy and I must say he is so different since the birth of his baby. He has been over the moon since the birth of his son. The man is gushing. "

And, according to Berg, Ritchie now plans take up a string of Hollywood movie offers so that he can live in America where Madonna's daughter, LOURDES, will start school this September (00).

Berg adds, "Guy plans to keep a house in London with Madonna but they are going to set up home in Los Angeles. He just wants them to be a family.

And Ritchie, who calls his new son, "
my very sweet small", has now decided to marry the singer.

Berg continues, "
Guy felt things were a bit rocky with Madonna before the birth. The difficult birth that Madonna had has lead to Guy realising all he wants is to marry her and become a family. He loves Lourdes and Rocco and intends to marry Madonna by Christmas this year. "


Source: Press Release



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