Date: 17th October 2000

Hollywood's Street Of Doomed Love

A street in Hollywood's ritzy Brentwood area is the kiss of doom for celebrity love - four high-profile relationships have broken up there.

Beautiful MEG RYAN is the latest casualty of EVANSTON STREET, in the exclusive Los Angeles, California suburb - known to residents as 'Heartbreak Lane'. Talkshow queen ROSEANNE BARR and ex-husband TOM ARNOLD split in 1994 - and Tom moved into his ex's second home, right next door on Evanston Street.

Rocker ROD STEWART split from wife ALANA, who later sold their Evanston Street house to lesbians lovers, rock chick MELISSA ETHERIDGE and film director JULIE CYPHER - whose high-profile relationship broke up earlier this year (00).

And now CITY OF ANGELS star Meg and her husband DENNIS QUAID have split up, leaving their marital home on Evanston Street. A local resident says, "This street is definitely jinxed. Happy couples move in - heartbroken couples move out." And another local suggests, "Perhaps prospective buyers should think about getting a divorce attorney as well as a Realtor when they move in!"


Source: WENN