Date: 4th December 2017

Daisy Ridley denies wanting to leave Star Wars movies.

Daisy Ridley wants people to know that her remarks about leaving Star Wars behind after Episode IX have been wildly misunderstood.

Daisy Ridley has denied reports that she wants to give up the role of Rey at the end of the current series.

Daisy will be in the latest movie Star Wars: The Last Jedi and is due to be in the ninth episode.

"When I did sign up, I did sign up for three films and that's where I sort of saw the story ending," she said.

"I think everyone has perhaps taken that as me going, 'I don't want anything to do with it' which is vastly untrue because this is awesome."

Daisy said it was meaningful that Rey features as the leading female role in a film produced by a major firm, Walt Disney Studios.

She also hailed director JJ Abrams who introduced Rey in the first instalment of the new era, The Force Awakens.

Source: Press Release