Date: 25th April 2018

Patty Jenkins Confirms Wonder Woman 2 Is Set In The '80s.

Patty Jenkins has confirmed that Wonder Woman 2 will be another period piece, this time set in the 1980s. Although most of the Dceu has been set in a chronological order, Wonder Woman has been the rare exception. Though Wonder Woman first appeared in the film franchise during Batman V Superman, the majority of her debut movie was set during World War I, the earliest that any superhero movie story has been set.

Patty Jenkins confirmed Wonder Woman 2’s time period during the Warner Bros. presentation. Yet this isn’t the first time that news of the sequel’s ’80s setting has surfaced. We actually scooped the news of the 1980s setting shortly after Wonder Woman was released in theaters. Now that the detail has been confirmed, it might give a better idea of what Diana’s second cinematic outing will look like, other than the sense of fashion.

Source: Press Release