Date: 17th April 2019

Travis Knight to Direct Mark Wahlberg in 'Six Billion Dollar Man'.

Travis Knight has come on board to direct Warner Bros.' film adaptation of the classic TV show "Six Billion Dollar Man" with Mark Wahlberg attached to star.

Mark Wahlberg has long been attached to star as former military officer Steve Austin, who becomes a secret agent after he suffers a horrific accident and his life is saved by cutting-edge bionic implants that grant him extraordinary abilities, which is an updated reboot of the classic sci-fi action series The Six Million Dollar Man. The movie will be produced by Sue Kroll, Bill Gerber and Steve Levinson. Bill DuBuque is writing the script for Travis Knight.

The original TV series followed Lee Majors as Colonel Steve Austin, who has been employed by the government as a secret agent after becoming superhuman due to bionic implants.

Source: Press Release