Date: 19th August 2019

Kevin Hart Takes on Superhero Comedy Night Wolf.

Kevin Hart is set to star in the superhero comedy "Night Wolf".

Hart will play an everyman meeting his future in-laws, a situation comedy films know all too well, but there's a twist - the father in-law to be moonlights as the superhero Night Wolf.

The project is the third that Hart is developing with STXfilms, a division of Robert Simonds' Stx Entertainment. Earlier this year, Stx announced a partnership with Hart's HartBeat Productions to develop two new comedies - "Black Friday" and an untitled romcom - which Hart would star in.

"I am excited to be working with our friends at Stx again. They brought us a great project with Night Wolf", said Hart. "I instantly fell in love with this pitch about an everyday guy who is meeting his in-laws for the first time and unwittingly discovers his dad to be is secretly a superhero."

Source: Press Release