Date: 20th February 2020

Jennifer Lawrence to star in Adam McKay's apocalyptic asteroid comedy Don't Look Up.

Jennifer Lawrence joins the cast of Adam McKay's new film, Don't Look Up. Making a name for himself with comedies such as Anchorman and Talladega Nights, McKay has spent the past few years transitioning to more prestige fare, winning an Oscar for 2015's The Big Short and earning three more nominations for 2018's Vice. Looking to build off that success, he's putting together his next project, a doomsday comedy called Don't Look Up.

The movie's logline suggests Lawrence will play one of two low-level astronomers who embark on a media tour in order to convince a disbelieving public that an asteroid is headed toward our solar system and is about to obliterate Earth.

The scientists embark on a tour around the country warning the population about its inevitable death, but people aren’t so quick to believe them or care. McKay will direct "Don't Look Up" from his original screenplay.

"I'm so thrilled to make this movie with Jen Lawrence," McKay said in a statement. "She's what folks in the 17th century used to call 'a dynamite act'. And the fact that Netflix sees this movie as a worldwide comedy sets the bar high for me and my team in an exciting and motivating way."

Source: Press Release