Date: 30th August 2000

Clint Eastwood Rages At 'Ageist' Hollywood

Legendary action hero CLINT EASTWOOD has slammed the Hollywood film industry - accusing it of age discrimination.

The 70-year-old FISTFUL OF DOLLARS star has denounced Tinsel Town's studios, claiming they are "faddist" and "copiers".

Eastwood says, "You get a little older and they want you to play roles 20 years younger, which is ridiculous. They want you to play a 40-year-old guy. You don't want to play a 40-year-old guy any more.

Hollywood is a very faddist community."

Now that his new movie SPACE COWBOYS, about "
four senior guys going into space", has proved a hit - taking $18.75 million (12.5 million) at the American box office in its first weekend - Clint predicts there will "probably be some other movies about four senior guys going into space".

He continues, "
Hollywood aren't innovators, but copiers. Once in a while, an innovator comes along and writes a script and you go for it."


Source: WENN