Date: 30th August 2000

Snatch Actors Porsche Prank

SNATCH actors JASON STATHAM and JASON FLEMYNG risked the sack when they played a prank on the movie producer's brand new sports car.

The stars loaded 200 weighty iron horseshoes into the boot of MATTHEW VAUGHN'S high speed PORSCHE.

The producer of the GUY RITCHIE's London-based gangster movie was so baffled by his sport car's sudden sluggish performance he took it into the garage to be fixed.

Official SNATCH photographer DANIEL SMITH says, "Matt had just bought a brand new PORSCHE and was very proud of it.

The two Jasons decided to load about 200 horseshoes into the car and Matt didn't understand why it was fishtailing around all corners.

"He took the car back to the Porsche garage and told them that there was something wrong with it. They took a look and said 'I think it could have something to do with the 200 horseshoes, Sir.'"

However, the trick backfired when Vaughn pulled rank and ordered Statham and Flemyng to unload all 200 of the iron objects again.


Source: WENN



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