Date: 21st October 2000

Ally's Folks Are Her Worst Critics

ALLY McBEAL star CALISTA FLOCKHART dreads Tuesday mornings because her parents won't call her if they didn't like the show the night before.

The actress speaks to her folks every Tuesday, but she hates calling them because she knows they'll give her a hard time.

She says, "Because the show's on Mondays, if I haven't heard from them by 3pm on a Tuesday it's probably a good indication that they didn't like it, and then I have to call them. "So I call them and I'm like, `Hey, did you watch the show and did you like it?' and my mom will be like, `Oh yeah, we watched it.' That's it. "My mother gets very upset when I'm not in the episode - she'll say, `You were hardly in it, I don't understand. Why weren't you there, I'm going to call DAVID KELLEY.'"


Source: WENN