Date: 1st June 2021

Anna Kendrick lands next lead role in Netflix movie about a real-life serial killer.

Pitch Perfect star Anna Kendrick is set to star in Rodney & Sheryl for Netflix, a true crime drama based on the story of Cheryl Bradshaw, a contestant who unwittingly won a date with a serial killer when taking part in a TV game show in 1978.

The movie's story will be based on the bizarre true story of the serial killer Rodney’ Alcala. In the middle of a horrifying killing spree in 1978, Alcala competed on and won a date on the game show The Dating Game. Kendrick will play Cheryl Bradshaw, the contestant with who Alcala won a chaperoned date. However, Bradshaw cancels the date due to being put off by his odd vibe. Two years later, Alcala was sentenced to death for the murder of five women and the attempted murder of a 12-year old girl.

After being arrested and sentenced to death in 1980, Alcala made numerous appeals in the years that followed, but hundreds of photos and keepsakes found in a locker suggested that there were a lot more victims that the police had not uncovered.

The script for the movie, by Ian MacAllister-McDonald, featured in 2017's Black List, an industry-voted collection of the most buzz-worthy scripts that have not been picked up for production, which in the past has included the Spielberg directed Oscar runner, The Post, as well as The Wolf of Wall Street, The Social Network and Lions For Lambs to name a few.

Source: Press Release