Date: 13th September 2021

Christopher Nolan's Next Movie Is About the Creation of the Atom Bomb.

Christopher Nolan has had discussions with several major studios about his next film, revolving around J. Robert Oppenheimer and his involvement developing the atom bomb during World War II.

After the very public WB-Christopher Nolan fallout, Christopher Nolan is looking for studios to distribute his next movie starring Cillian Murphy.

Nolan may be looking outside his native Warner Bros., which has previously released films such as "Tenet", the "Dark Knight" movies, "Inception", and more to great box-office success.

It is reported that many major studios in Hollywood are currently reading Nolan's script and talking to his reps, as opposed to exclusively talking to Warner Brothers Media, as was Nolan's preferred destination in the past. This comes after his film "Tenet", which was divisive amongst fans and critics alike, but a mind-bender for sure, was released amidst awful conditions for cinema, yet still holds the record for highest grossing movie in the pandemic.

Warner Bros followed Nolan's directives in releasing his last film, Tenet, even though the film’s grosses suffered because the pandemic was still raging, and moviegoers weren’t ready to return to theaters en masse at that point. The film still grossed $363 million, the biggest global number since the pandemic erupted outside F9, Godzilla Vs. Kong and Black Widow.

Source: Press Release