Date: 23rd October 2000

Toy Shop Blunder

WALT DISNEY HOME VIDEO is recalling some of its just-released TOY STORY 2 DVDs - because the kiddies' blockbuster was accidentally duplicated containing swear words.

The computer animated smash includes the voice of TOM HANKS as WOODY, but the duplicates include an expletive-filled clip from the another movie - HIGH FIDELITY.

Viewers reportedly discovered the glitch in the three-disc ULTIMATE TOY BOX COLLECTOR'S EDITION, a set released on Tuesday (17OCT00). During Toy Story 2, just as cowgirl JESSIE (JOAN CUSACK) does her heartfelt musical interlude, the film, according to one DVD owner, cuts to a clip from High Fidelity, which stars Cusack's brother, JOHN.

Viewer PAUL NAAS says, "First, none of the supplemental material would play, and my DVD player would register a disc error. "So we decided to watch the movie, and right after Jessie's song, Toy Story 2 stopped playing and we were dropped into the middle of High Fidelity, just in time to hear some character use the "F" word twice in 15 seconds." (JM/WNWCYA/CPT)

Source: WENN