Date: 24th October 2000

A New Drug Hits Hollywood

Some of Hollywood's hottest stars are addicts - they may not be reliant on cocaine but they've become hooked on video-games.

According to BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER'S JAMES MARSTERS, getting out the console is the best way to deal with spare time between film roles.

He says, "Dealing with downtime is a brutal fact of life as an actor. So I'm a 'videoholic'. On PLAYSTATION, I play GRAN TURISMO, a hyper-realistic racing game. I also like WU TANG: SHAOLIN STYLE and DIE HARD TRILOGY for good violence. And I'm embarrassed to say I'm into STAR WARS JEDI power battles, in which you get to whack things with your light saber!" (JE/WNWCTVG/RGS)

Source: WENN