Date: 24th October 2000

Cleaning Up Titans May Have Made It Into A Hit

After being turned down by virtually every studio in town, producer Jerry Bruckheimer was able to get a go-ahead from Disney for Remember the Titans on condition that he remove all of the film's locker-room language and racial epithets, the Los Angeles Times reported today (Tuesday). Former studio chief Joe Roth told the newspaper, "By being less about what the kids called each other in the locker room, it became a more universal story." Peter Schneider, who succeeded Roth and was then running Walt Disney Pictures, added: "I told Jerry that I'd make the movie if it could be a Disney movie with Disney values. ... Making it a PG film was essential to the success of the movie, because it made the film accessible to everybody." The success of the film has come as a surprise even to Bruckheimer, who remarked, "I would've given pretty long odds for Titans to be the biggest hit of all his films this year. But from the start it's been a real underdog." It now appears that the film will also be Disney's biggest live-action hit this year.

Source: Studio Briefing



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