Date: 25th October 2000

Ridley's Memorial To Reed

Master director RIDLEY SCOTT has turned his hand to real-life cinema - with a special montage paying homage to late, great actor OLIVER REED. The Hollywood heavyweight's tribute will be included in an extra 20 minutes added to the DVD version of Ridley's hit film, GLADIATOR. Reed died while filming the hit movie. The four-minute montage, cut together from outtakes of the hell-raising actor, is set to SEX PISTOL's singer SID VICIOUS' rendition of MY WAY. The only barrier to the plan is the music rights, which are owned by Sid's old band. Scott says, "I would like to think the Sex Pistols would say, 'Oh f*** it, let's give it to Ollie...', but it may come down to whether we have to pay for performing rights and whether DreamWorks say it's worth it. It's very amusing and very emotional and moving because right at the end Ollie says, 'That's enough for now...'"(KW/HOT/CPT)

Source: WENN