Date: 27th October 2000

Ricci Loves Depp

Sexy 20-year-old actress CHRISTINA RICCI has a strong relationship with movie star JOHNNY DEPP.

The pair first met when a young Ricci starred in MERMAIDS with WINONA RYDER, Depp's then fiancee. Since then she starred with the hearth throb in TIM BURTON film SLEEPY HOLLOW. But she is not sure she could do it again.

The busty actress says, "We work well together and get along so well it's comfortable..." "I don't know if we could work together again. It might get a little crazy. He is so protective of me, like an older brother, that it's a bit weird to be faking having sex with him. But we know each other well enough to laugh about it.. He always joked about us rooting round like pigs."

Of course there were rumours the pair were a couple, which Ricci loved. "I really liked it," she says surprisingly. It was awesome - my first tabloid story. If you're going to have a tabloid story written about you, it might as well be with Johnny Depp."


Source: WENN



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