Date: 28th October 2000

Lucy Liu's Sex Nightmare

ALLY McBEAL star LUCY LIU is terrified a tacky sex scene will return to haunt her now she's set for movie megafame in CHARLIE'S ANGELS.

Early in her career the stunning actress played a sexy chemist who strips to make love in a swimming pool full of deadly snakes in controversial 1997 B-movie, FLYPAPER.

The film never made it to movie cinemas and had a brief showing on late night cable TV - but now Lucy fears Charlie's Angels fans looking for more of her films will stumble across the dodgy video.

She says, "It wasn't a horror movie but it turned out to be one. I had to do this love scene in this empty swimming pool and they were throwing rattlesnakes on us." The movie also starred KIRSTIE ALLEY's ex-lover JAMES WILDER as Liu's love interest.


Source: WENN