Date: 30th October 2000

Madonna "To Marry At Son's Christening"

Pop superstar MADONNA and boyfriend GUY RITCHIE are planning a christening party for baby ROCCO - with friends saying the pair will wed at the same time.

The $1.5 million (1 million) christening party is set to take place at a Scottish castle in December (00). A Beverly Hills, California, jeweller has already delivered $15,000 (10,000) diamond and platinum wedding bands.

A friend quotes Madonna as saying, "I'm ready to marry Guy and, since everyone will be gathered in Scotland, I may just marry him right there and then!"

LOCK, STOCK AND TWO SMOKING BARRELS star VINNIE JONES was responsible for the choice of location, following the Hollywood couple's constant bickering over where to hold the event. Madonna wanted to christen Rocco in California, while Guy wanted the ceremony held in Britain.

Madonna told her friend, "We fought like cats and dogs. In the end, we both had to compromise." The pal adds, "Vinnie told them to grow up and sort it - and the perfect venue was a Scottish Highlands castle." It is not known if Vinnie has specified a particular castle. (RGS/WNTST/PDD)

Source: WENN



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