Date: 2nd November 2000

Jodie's Film In Tatters

RUSSELL CROWE has wrecked JODIE FOSTER's latest movie project after badly injuring his shoulder on the set.

The actor was playing a circus freak in the film FLORA PLUM when he fell during a stunt and shattered his shoulder, and despite hopes that his recovery would be fast, it now looks as if Foster will have to scrap the project or find a replacement.

And if the actress, who is directing Flora Plum, opts to continue she'll have to find a replacement for her female lead, CLAIRE DANES, too - the actress was shooting the movie during a break from her studies at YALE UNIVERSITY, but she's now back in class.

Crowe's injured shoulder is likely to take nine months to mend - prompting RON HOWARD to stall his movie A BEAUTIFUL MIND, which was to be the New Zealand actor's next project. A spokesman for studio UNIVERSAL says, "Everything depends on when Crowe's shoulder mends and that's unknown at this point."(KL/LADN/NFA)

Source: WENN



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