Date: 3rd November 2000

No Third Terminator For Linda

Actress LINDA HAMILTON has pulled out of the third TERMINATOR movie, to be directed by her ex-husband JAMES CAMERON.

ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER and EDWARD FURLONG have signed up for the second sci-fi sequel, but Hamilton feels she's had enough of the role of a futuristic mum trying to save the planet from robots.

She says, "I was asked. I turned it down. I felt it was more courageous not to do it. "I spent nine years trying to get the image of my Terminator character out of people's minds. I'm tired of being ever-earnest and stricken." Instead, Hamilton has signed up to take to the Los Angeles stage in a revival of haunting romantic mystery LAURA at the TIFFANY THEATRE - and she admits she's terrified. She adds, "I go home and burst into tears. We've been rehearsing for four weeks and it feels like forever." (KL/LADN/NFA)

Source: WENN



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