Date: 3rd November 2000

Kevin Smith's Casting Call

Wacky director KEVIN SMITH has released casting details of the follow-up to controversial film DOGMA - many Smith regulars will play multiple roles, some of them from previous movies.

According to Smith's VIEW ASKEW website, JASON LEE will reprise his characters from MALLRATS and CHASING AMY, BEN AFFLECK will return as Chasing Amy's HOLDEN McNEIL, as well as playing two new roles, and MATT DAMON will have three parts in the forthcoming production.

Dogma stars CHRIS ROCK and ALANIS MORRISETTE have also been confirmed - though they will only have one role each. Fans of JAY and SILENT BOB need not despair as they will also be back, as will RANDAL and DANTE, the original CLERKS who have made fleeting appearances in all Smith's movies. (NFA/WNWCEM)

Source: WENN



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