Date: 4th May 2022

Meg Ryan to direct, star in romantic comedy 'What Happens Later' with David Duchovny.

Meg Ryan is set to direct and star alongside 'Californication' star David Duchovny in "What Happens Later", an "evolved and nostalgic" take on the romantic comedy.

What Happens Later is based on the play Shooting Star, which was created by playwright Steven Dietz. Additionally, he wrote the movie adaptation's screenplay along with Ryan and playwright and novelist Kirk Lynn. Bleeker Street has gained the American rights to the upcoming title. The film has an expected release date in 2023. HanWay Films, a London-based sales agent will take over the international distribution. Sales will begin at the Cannes Film Festival later this month. Production will start at some point later this year in Bentonville, Arkansas.

A synopsis for the movie explains:

"The movie follows ex-lovers Willa (Ryan) and Bill (Duchovny) who are reunited for the first time since their split decades prior when they both find themselves snowed in, in-transit, at an airport overnight. Willa is still the wilful, independent spirit she once was, free of any ties, while the recently separated Bill is reassessing his life and his relationships with his estranged wife and daughter. All each of them wants is to get home but over the course of the night they find themselves at first reluctantly drawn together yet compelled to revisit their past, along with what could have been and what might well be again. But when the versions of their shared history don’t quite add up, where do they go from there?"

The tag line for the movie reads: "What if late one snowy night you came face to face with someone from your long ago? Someone who once held your secrets, because once, long ago, that person held your heart."

Source: Press Release