Date: 4th November 2000

Charlie's Angels Stars Sacrifice Pain For Realism

CHARLIE'S ANGELS stars DREW BARRYMORE, CAMERON DIAZ and LUCY LIU coped with the painful Martial arts training because Barrymore set a precedent that guns would not be their weapon of choice.

ALLY MCBEAL star LUCY LIU endured those mental and physical challenges to be believable as possible as crime fighting private investigators. She explains, "If we're not gonna use guns we need to replace it with some extremely capable and extremely believable. We can't just go up there and try to karate chop someone and be really lame about it." "We have to make sure that it seems like we're really able to do these things strength wise, mentally. Part of the training was really intensive physically but most of it was mental because you want to be intelligent, beautiful, sexy, have the most advanced technology but you also want to be able to kick ass and do it well!"

MY BEST FRIEND'S WEDDING star CAMERON DIAZ had an entirely different agenda. She embraced the opportunity to learn Kung Fu to build a killer body. She says, "Most people spend their entire lives sitting behind a desk. Our jobs allow us to go out there and learn Kung Fu from masters. Just like to do that is so amazing. "You just want to cease it to the best that you can and build new muscle mass by the time you're 27, so that when you're 37 you'll still have that muscle mass!"


Source: WENN



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