Date: 5th November 2000

Friends Stars Think Brad's Mail Bag's The Pitts

FRIENDS actors MATT LE BLANC, MATTHEW PERRY and DAVID SCHWIMMER are being upstaged by BRAD PITT - and he's not even appeared on the show yet.

The three hunky sit-com actors have had a running competition to see who gets the most fan mail. But since co-star JENNIFER ANISTON married the hunky SEVEN actor, Pitt's post box has been receiving more mail than anybody else's.

A source says, "It seems Brad's female fans, who never know how they're going to reach him, now know how. They're bombarding him with so much mail, Jennifer is carting home bags of it each week. "Jennifer's amused by the situation but Matt, David and Matthew are a tad jealous over it." (SVD/TS/RGS)

Source: WENN



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