Date: 6th November 2000

Caine Hangs Out With His Old Muckers

Screen legend MICHEAL CAINE is loving every minute of working on his latest film, LAST ORDERS - because he gets to hang out with his old mates.

The film directed by FRED SCHEPISI reunites Caine with some of his closest friends including TOM COURTENAY, DAVID HEMMINGS, BOB HOSKINS, HELEN MIRREN and RAY WINSTONE and, according to Caine, it has been non-stop laughs on the set. "That's a lot of laughs really cos I've got some of my favourite people working with me. It's really fun and really wonderful."

While the FRENCH CONNECTION star is enjoying working with some of the greats from his own generation, he has nothing but praise for some of today's younger actors, especially his co-stars in QUILLS, KATE WINSLET and JOAQUIN PHOENIX. He says, "Oh they're marvellous. I love the two of them.

Joaquin is kind of intense, he practically blows a fuse anytime he does anything but he is such a brilliant, brilliant actor. "
Kate has this incredible personality. She's like the greatest guy you've ever met and the greatest girl you've ever met all in one. She's a guy's girl. She's what FRANK SINATRA would have called in the most complimentary sense a 'broad'." (MAM/WN/PDD)

Source: WENN



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